Understanding CONAPCI: The National Committee for the Promotion and Strengthening of Civil Society Organizations

CONAPCI, which stands for the National Committee for the Promotion and Strengthening of Civil Society Organizations, is an important institution in the realm of civil society in our country. Its main objective is to promote and support the development of civil society organizations (CSOs) in order to strengthen democracy, citizen participation, and social development.

What is CONAPCI?

CONAPCI was established with the aim of creating a space for dialogue, coordination, and collaboration between civil society organizations and the government. It serves as a platform for CSOs to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and contribute to the formulation of public policies that affect their sectors.

The committee is composed of representatives from various CSOs, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders. This diverse composition ensures that different perspectives are taken into account and that decisions are made in a collaborative and inclusive manner.

The Role of CONAPCI

CONAPCI plays a crucial role in promoting the interests and rights of CSOs. It supports the development of these organizations by providing technical assistance, capacity building, and financial resources. It also facilitates networking and collaboration among CSOs, fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

One of the key functions of CONAPCI is to advocate for an enabling environment for CSOs. This includes advocating for policies and legislation that protect and promote the rights of CSOs, as well as ensuring their participation in decision-making processes at all levels.

CONAPCI also serves as a bridge between CSOs and the government. It facilitates dialogue and communication between these two sectors, helping to build trust and understanding. Through this collaboration, CONAPCI aims to enhance the effectiveness and impact of CSOs in addressing social challenges and promoting sustainable development.

Activities and Initiatives

CONAPCI undertakes various activities and initiatives to fulfill its mandate. These include organizing workshops, trainings, and conferences to build the capacity of CSOs and improve their organizational and management skills.

The committee also conducts research and studies to gather information and evidence on the role and impact of CSOs in society. This research helps to inform policy-making processes and ensure that decisions are based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Furthermore, CONAPCI promotes transparency and accountability within the civil society sector. It encourages CSOs to adhere to good governance practices and to be accountable to their stakeholders, including the communities they serve.


CONAPCI plays a vital role in promoting and strengthening civil society organizations in our country. Through its efforts, it helps to create an enabling environment for CSOs to thrive and contribute to social development.

By providing support, advocacy, and coordination, CONAPCI plays a crucial role in ensuring that CSOs have the necessary resources and opportunities to make a positive impact in our society.

Overall, CONAPCI serves as a bridge between civil society and the government, fostering collaboration and dialogue for the benefit of our society as a whole.


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